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Study Aims

The purpose of this research study is to determine the impact of sleep health education and training on EMS clinician sleep quality and fatigue.

Target Population

Investigators seek to FIRST, enroll multiple and organizationally diverse EMS agencies from across the United States, and SECOND, will solicit participation from individual EMS clinicians within these EMS organizations.

What is Required to Participate?

Participation is completely voluntary. We will ask EMS organizations who agree to participate in this study to help us recruit and enroll up to 50 EMS clinicians within their organizations. The EMS clinicians who agree to participate will be asked to:

  1. answer screening/eligibility questions and then watch a brief consent video and agree to participate before actually participating;
  2. answer an online survey at baseline, at 3 months, and again at 6 months;
  3. watch multiple brief education and training modules that discuss diverse elements of sleep health; and
  4. over the 6-month study period, periodically answer online surveys and text-message queries that ask about sleep and fatigue.
Renumeration for Participation

All EMS clinicians who agree to participate will be provided a $5 dollar gift card at baseline/enrollment, and then $5 dollar gift cards every month of participation over the 6 month study period.